a cartoon image of a dog
a cartoon image of a dog

Special event Saturday, June 28th at Barkmore Pet Hotel & Daycare. 4:30-6:30 all puppy mill dogs to be available to see and adopt!

Thank you for visiting our site. These dogs are available and in foster. They are part of the 237 dogs that were rescued from a hoarder situation in Bradley County recently. They have lived in their cages, some of them, most of their lives. They have been in foster homes and for the first time, have become part of a family, running in a yard, touching grass for the first time and sitting on a lap or bed to cuddle. They deserve a great chance at a real life with lots of love. All of them have been vetted and altered and treated for many issues ranging from ear mites to severe mange and heartworms. We ask if you are interested in a dog, to please fill out an application and email it back to Ruth. All applications will be pre-approved and the dogs will be available at a meet and greet shortly. They will be on a first come basis with a pre-approval application. Please consider making a donation, if you cannot adopt. We are a 501c-3 non profit organization and all donations are greatly appreciated and used for the dogs. There is a donation jar at the Barkmore Pet Hotel and Daycare on East Brainerd Road, in Chattanooga. You can also contact Ruth. We have several heartworm positive dogs, and some with major issues. Thank you for visiting our link and I hope you enjoy seeing these precious faces of the ones who wait for their forever loving family. Please refer to the dogs for adoption by tag number for our referencing. Thank you!

We still have all of our regular rescues available on our adopt page

Tag #19 Bitsy Pocket Beagle, one year old, male

Tag #18 Sally Dachshund, one year, female

Tag # April Beagle/Pug, 10 weeks old, puppy, female

Tag #21 Pooh Bear, Pomeranian, 6 years old, heartworm positive, but being treated at our cost, male

Tag #23 Lionel, King Charles/Pug mix, 2 years, male

Tag #24 Lucille, Beagle mix, 10 weeks old, puppy, female

Tag #1 Frisco, Jack Russell Terrier, 9 months old, male

Tag #13 Tipper, Pocket Beagle, 5 years old, male

Tag #22 Mollie, King Charles/Pug, 1 years old

Tag #15 Happy, Beagle, 8 years old

Tag #40 Charlie, Spaniel, 8 weeks

Tag #41 Gizmo, Pug mix, 8 weeks

Tag #20 Honeybun, Pomeranian, 5 years

Tag #11 Archie, Beagle, 13 weeks

Tag #10 Astrid, Beagle, 2 years

Tag #9 Albert, Beagle, 2 years

Tag #14 Schneider, Beagle mix, 8 years

Tag #12 Bo, Beagle/Dachsund, 1 year

Tag #16 Joy, Beagle, 11 weeks

Tag #17 Lucy, Beagle, 7 years

Tag #36 Harlee Dachshund, 3 years old

Tag #35 Tater pug mix 8 weeks

Tag #37 Baby Beagle mix 12 weeks

Tag #34 Buddy 8 weeks King Charles mix

Tag #30 June beagle 8 weeks

Tag #39 Zoe King Charles 3 years

Tag #38 Tot Pug mix 8 weeks tag

Tag #29 Clyde Beagle mix 8 weeks

Tag #31 Oreo peke mix 12 weeks

Tag #32 Zip beagle mix 8 weeks

Tag #7 Fancy Pug mix, 10 weeks

Tag #8 Ellie Pug mix, 6 years

Tag #6 Gracie Pug mix, 10 weeks

Tag #5 Honey Pug mix, 10 weeks

Tag #2 Meeko Teacup Pug, 10 weeks

Tag #3 Teddy Teacup Pug, 10 weeks

Tag #4 Loca Teacup Pug, 10 weeks

Tag #26 Nikki Beagle, 10 weeks

Tag #27 Polly King Charles Spaniel, Adult

Tag #28 Pocket Pocket Beagle, 2 years